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We Do Consignment!

We will take your old or newer model railroad items in to sell for you on a 20% consignment basis as follows:


We will sell your items on site or at various swap meets, train shows, or other venues the club attends.


The club will work with you for the pricing of your items i.e., reserved price, after setting prices the club reserves the right to reduce the price (except when reserved) the club believes will sell your items.


If your items do not sell the club will return your items after a set period of time or you may donate un-sold items to the club.


The club will then pay you, on a quarterly basis, 80% of the monies received.


  Please Note: The club will not repair any item received without the owners permission. Any cost incurred will be deducted from the consignee’s payment.

Want to sell model train stuff?  Please call Gary at (920) 737-5483

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