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Operating Sessions are open to the public and are designed to be a point to point operation.  You will operate your train from point "A" to point "B" following all rules as if you were operating as a real railroad engineer.  You could also operate in a yard i.e., Green Bay North or Fond du Lac yards, building a train that another operator will take to the destination.  You may have several drop offs and pick ups at various locations.  The "Children's Switching" is a real challenge as one operator will spot the train near the yard and then you will be required to spot the cars at their destination in the "Children" section as well as pick up cars for return to one of the yards.  Operators may have to contend with priority trains (a coal train or passenger train) operating on the mains while you must go on or cross the main.  YOU WILL ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE!


Sunday Sept 10, 2023
Sunday Oct 8, 2023
Sunday Nov 12, 2023
Sunday Dec 10, 2023
Sunday Jan 14, 2024
Sunday Feb 11, 2024
Sunday Mar 10, 2024
Sunday Apr 14, 2024
Sunday May 12, 2024





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Train Master Map 12-26-21.JPG
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